• 2016/17

    LiVE! Premium Fan Technology

    After 2 years of concept work and ramping-up in stealth mode, we successfully launched another spin-off firework. With strategic partners, we've developed a mind-blowing fan engagement tool, which is a completely new fan experience and at the same time a new mobile revenue channel for large event promoters. Check-out www.live-mobile-marketing.com for more information.

  • 2015

    Launched our M&A practice

    We received various investment opportunities research and buyer-side advisory inquiries from our Asia network, so we opened a M&A practice to server our clients better and directly with M&A transaction support.

  • 2013

    Zurich Office incorporation

    Shortly after opening our Zurich office, we achieved the Certified Expert status of Switzerland Global Enterprise S-GE (formerly OSEC).

  • 2011 - 2012

    Breakthrough "we made it"

    Greber Management...

    #1 became exclusive agent for marketing and sponsoring of the 2011 China Tour of Real Madrid C.F.
    #2 got engaged in our first market entrance consulting project for one of the leading German family-owned SMEs, where we covered the project lead in business and information technology from the feasibility study to final execution and staffing. We also applied and received as one of the first foreign company a third-party license under the new regulation by the China People's Bank.
    #3 helped a German client with the development of a new electric home appliance in China. We coached our client through the full manufacturing process and delivered with our own designated engineering team and selected factory the client's idea from a tissue scratch to a final working product, with an functional design and all required certifications (RoHS, CE, CCC, etc). The full process took us around 18 months. In 2013 we shipped the first patch of 2'500 full assembled and working electric home appliances from China to Germany.
    #4 initiated, enabled and organised the first International Fashion Week in Tianjin with 3 leading fashion labels from China and 3 emerging labels from Italy. ROI Marketing was 2.5 mUSD and the week got coverage in all over the internet, plus a full double-page coverage on the fashion page of South China Morning Post. After the first successful event, Greber Management sold the brand and concept to one of the two local major publishing houses.

  • 2010

    First legal entities in Hong Kong and China

    Hong Kong (HQ) and Tianjin Office opened
    Whereof the Tianjin Office was a Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprise. The fourth of it kind in Mainland China and the first in Tianjin municipal.

  • 2007

    First steps

    Guido Greber's first steps...
    - Founded TianjinProject in 2009 (artist buy-out in 2012)
    - Founded Tianjin Network Club in 2008 (sold in 2011)
    - Co-Founded TianjinExpats.com in 2007 (sold in 2010)

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